Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kindling will start a fire

The new Kindle, more than the iPad, is literally kindling for a new revolution - the electronic book. More, it promises to deliver something that the mainstream publishers cannot - i.e. choice.

The big thing with the kindle is its Electronic paper. Oh, and the size of the Amazon store behind it. iPad might end up with the might of iTunes but the electronic paper will definitely win out, imho, in terms of reading. It literally IS an electronic book.

But the less commented plus with the kindle (and to some extend all the other 'readers' available) is the ability for those who are ignored or rejected by mainstream publishers to actually get their work online and in your face. And this is a big revolution.

For the first time in history, the world will be able to choose what they read rather than having their options limited by short-sighted publishers interested only in peddling existing authors and short-term profits.

The Kindle is kindling for every unpublished author. It's time to get crackling!

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