Sunday, July 4, 2010


A moment's fancy, sought with Nancy,
Foolish man's desire.
Now the other-woman's panties,
Subtly do conspire.

Roaming penis, takes his pleasure,
Jester dressed as King,
He pays the cost o' fem'nine treasure,
Snared by a ring.

Forbidden Union has its dues,
Her silence he to crave.
A husband with too much to lose,
A secret to the grave.

1 comment:

ausie said...

The person depicted in the poem had clearly made a serious mistake in his life, and it had clearly cost him his happiness. The fact that he was willing to take such responsibility for his mistake as to keep his regret a secret to the grave clearly marks him as NOT unfaithful. Unfaithful would have been to have left her holding the bundle as he pursued his own happiness at her expense. The sacrifice of his own happiness for his family clearly and undeniably labels him as faultlessly faithful till death.